Welcome to Worcester Primary School


Welcome to Worcester Primary School

Worcester Primary School is a parallel-medium, multi-cultural school situated in Langerug, Worcester. The school caters for over 850 learners in grades R – 7 from diverse backgrounds throughout Worcester and the surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Our vision at Primary School Worcester is to send a happy and balanced child into the world – someone with healthy values, which can contribute positively to the society in which he/she lives and who will also confidently take on the ever increasing demands of modern life.

Our Mission

Worcester Primary School aims to create a protective, but challenging learning environment based on a Christian ethos in which the potential of each learner is focused and allowed to develop to excellence within the frameworks of respect to self and others, the environment and the diversity of the learner composition of the school.

Stay in the loop with

the D6 School Communicator

WPS uses the D6 Connect-program to communicate with parents. This program can be downloaded for free on your computer or cell phone. It then appears as a “pop-up” on your computer or cell phone screen. All information regarding exams, school times and sport matches are shared in this way. This program is updated daily in order to ensure that the latest information is available.

Visit the website in order to download the program.

From the principal's office

It is a great privilege for me to be able to write this foreword as part of the proud WPS community.

WPS is a unique school with an excellent culture, established over many years.

Thank you to every parent for your involvement in WPS and in your children’s lives.

Mr. W Blom