Welcome to Worcester Primary School

Worcester Primary School is a parallel-medium, multi-cultural school situated in Langerug, Worcester. The school caters for 720 learners in grades R – 7 from diverse backgrounds throughout Worcester and the surrounding areas.


Our Vision

Our vision at Primary School Worcester is to send a happy and balanced child into the world – someone with healthy values, which can contribute positively to the society in which he/she lives and who will also confidently take on the ever increasing demands of modern life.


Our Mission

Worcester Primary School aims to create a protective, but challenging learning environment based on a Christian ethos in which the potential of each learner is focused and allowed to develop to excellence within the frameworks of respect to self and others, the environment and the diversity of the learner composition of the school.

School Communicator

The School Communicator is safe and secure and is used daily by more than a million people worldwide.